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Microsoft Word and Powerpoint Need Design Too

Corporate Identity Made For You

Business Design

While from other designers you may have heard “We can’t do that in Word”, you won’t hear it from us. Mayo Media understands that most businesses don’t have design software or employees capable of running it on staff. But most of you have a copy of Microsoft Office. We can design your stationery or business theme and build it so that you can modify them in-house, whenever you need.


While an impressive Power Point Theme is great for presentations, it does you little good if the surroundings are boring. Mayo Media can design the perfect Booth Display for any occasion to coordinate with your theme. We can create Trade Show Exhibits, Banners and Signs that will make your business stand out from the rest.

We Work With Your Vendors

We understand that many businesses already have relationships with certain vendors, be it a local printing company or an online Client Management System. We can seamlessly work with your systems and people that are already in place, on your behalf or behind the scenes.

Business Branding

Stand out from the crowd

Your company’s brand is more than just a logo. The term “brand” was derived from a rancher’s seared mark on his cattle...likewise, the mission of your company’s brand is to sear the identity of your goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers. A brand may take many forms, including a name, logo, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. Your branding is your company’s personality.

Whether you only have an idea that needs to grow, or a well established brand that simply needs consistency, Mayo Media has the experience needed to build your brand from the ground up or simply give your company a fresh look.


We Can Complete Your Project at the Right Price.